Audiodidakt was formed in Norrköping, Sweden spring 1998. The object was to form a platform for independent music/art projects. The concentration of the musical performance-act has tilted towards the musique concrete/arte povera/avant gardiste concept. The embodiment of a statement, a concrete idea, is more or less the central part of Audiodidakt.

Agenda: If one appreciates that any source of sound is as good as any in terms of value; all structured use of such can be defined within the definition of music. The invention of sound thereby constitutes a greater comprehension of music. The basic rule of all creative activity is to learn and progress. Through this process one transgresses into a different and new unexplored state of being. We aim to call upon this process through the use of audio, e. g. an “audio didactic” process.

Our main focus often lies beyond the borders of convention and traditional values. The “odd” or unconventional if you like, makes an essential statement which often permits us to adjust our perception of reality and convention.

A subject may be true to its content, but not to reality. Reality always poses a threat over theory, since it’s always more complex than imaginable. The notion of right or wrong, good or bad is established by convention, not reality. In that way nothing is true but in the eye of the beholder. Or to put it in other words, everything is true, and at the same time not true – anything is true as long as you are willing to believe it. Truth lies, in this sense, in the unexplored and unprohibited.

We do not support any political movements or religious groups. This is an art/music project which deals with multiple subjects in different forms.